Our rancher partnerships are the cornerstone of PRMC. We have built these relationships to last, supporting our rancher partners by committing to whole animals; slaughtering and processing, buying up front and investing in or co-building livestock programs when necessary. In return, our ranches and farms produce the highest quality, best tasting, most humanely and sustainably raised meat in the world.

The Prather Ranch

The Prather Ranch is our primary beef source,
the operation that PRMC evolved from and an investor in our company. Prather Ranch is a unique, vertically integrated beef ranch spanning 40,000 certified organic acres in Macdoel, California. When asked how it compares to other ranches, we usually reply that there really is no other place like it.

Prather Ranch breeds its own animals and maintains a unique closed herd including roughly 1,400 mother cows. The ranch grows its own hay, does its own USDA slaughtering and butchering of approximately 20 beeves per week and even produces its own hydroelectric energy and solar power. It has been instrumental in creating numerous agricultural easements, has collaborated with the Nature Conservancy to protect rivers and salmon spawning grounds and won the 2004 Governors’ Award for excellence in California environmental stewardship.

Prather Ranch beef is Certified Humanely Raised and Handled and third-party inspected annually by Farm Animal Care. The herd is fed a diet of grass and finished with barley, chopped hay and rice bran (never corn or soy). Each whole carcass is dry aged for 16-21 days to create the consistently high quality beef our customers rave about.

Anderson Ranches

Anderson Ranch has been PRMC’s single source of lamb for the last eight years. The ranch is owned and operated by Reed, Robyn, Jake and Travis Anderson. Located in Oregon’s Willamette Valley, known as the grass seed capital of the world.


The ranch is able to run its large English meat-breed sheep on “grass-farms” year round. This produces what is essentially spring, grass-fed lamb in all four seasons. Anderson Ranch lamb is Certified Humane Raised and Handled. The combination of superior meat breed, year-round grass feeding, humane treatment and environmentally sound grazing practices makes Anderson Ranch lamb some of the best tasting, highest quality and respectfully raised meat available anywhere.

Capay Valley Pork

Capay Valley Pork is PRMC’s “house” pork brand, rooted in a small program started in Dixon, California in 2001. In 2004, Berkshire and Large Black heritage breeding stock was purchased and the program moved to the Simas farm in Capay Valley.

Capay Valley Pork now produces pasture-raised heritage Berkshire and Large Black pigs fed
on quality pig ration, acorns and organic veggie and fruit culls from Capay Valley farmers.
The pigs at Range Brothers are grown big—300 pounds on average—to provide superior marbling and flavor. The program is Certified Humane by Farm Animal Care and third-party inspected annually

Black Hog Pork

Black Hog Pork is owned and produced by the Klingman family, and is where we source our Black Hog pork from. These pigs are raised in Central Washington State on 160 acres, are Verified Non-GMO, and Food Alliance Certified.

These Verified Non-GMO and Food Alliance Certified black hogs are fed a Non-GMO verified diet consisting of barley, wheat, triticale, field peas, and flax. They are never treated with antibiotics. The Klingman family breeds and raises them specifically for Prather Ranch Meat Co., and are never confined in any way. The pork quality is distinctive with it’s European small grain finish giving it a great taste.

Lost Coast 100% Grass-fed Beef

Prather Ranch Meat Co is proud to introduce Lost Coast Grassfed Beef into its repertoire of high quality, sustainably & humanly raised meat offerings. The cattle are 100% raised in Humboldt County California by Jay Russ and the Humboldt Grassfed cattle folks.

Humboldt County is probably the best place to raise grassfed beef in California. Only the very best highest quality cattle make it into the “Lost Coast Grassfed” brand. The Humboldt grassfed beef is raised with a focus on meat quality and is some of the very best tasting, most consistent grassfed been available anywhere.  Lost Coast Grassfed beeves are raised on the lush grass pastures of Humbolt County they are 100% grassfed and finished, and are never treated with hormones or antibiotics.  Both the cattle and the land are treated in a sustainable manner, humanely and respectfully by Jay Russ and Lee Mora, known for their  high quality land management.