Christmas for Carnivores: Holiday Gift Boxes Now Available

Some people are difficult shop for (we’re looking at you dads). However, any fan of Prather Ranch Meat Co.’s family of family farms will be overjoyed to receive a box full of incredible dry-aged beef and heritage pork. It’s about as sure a bet as you can make. You can order now and have it shipped anywhere in California. 

If you need some other gift ideas for the holidays, why not get something to go with that great box of meat? Our friends at Capay Valley Farm Shop have enough delicious delights to take care of all the foodies in your life.

Capay Valley Farm Shop is a dynamic rural food hub that serves businesses and families with 100% locally grown food. They source from over 50 small and mid-sized farms and ranches in Yolo County, California. They provide an abundant harvest of high-quality products including organic vegetables, fruits, nuts, meats, olive oils, eggs, honey and more.

When you visit their site, be sure to check out one of our favorite growers, Blue Heron Farms. John & Gretchen Ceteras use certified organic practices to grow a variety of seasonal produce including Washington navel oranges, Clementine and Satsuma mandarins, Valencia oranges, Black Mission figs, Sun Gold and Early Girl tomatoes, Chandler and Hartley walnuts.

In addition to their gorgeous crops, Gretchen started a side business creating “dream gourds,” a process that involves growing and then burning gourds with wood to create beautiful designs. It is such a good gift for friends who want to add a touch of unique, rustic décor to their homes.