American Eatery ★ Breakfast

Breakfast Specialties

served daily until 11am

Old Fashioned Fries
hand-cut kennebec potatoes, tossed in salt. Add Chili $6. Add Zesty Garlic $6.5 // $2.50

Bone Broth
Big Bluff   Organic Chicken  or Prather Beef broth with organic herbs and Maldon sea salt   // $5.00

PRMC Breakfast Sandwich
house maple-sage pork sausage, over easy egg, wild arugula, sharp cheddar ,pork spread , on a ACME challah bun. // $8.00

California Breakfast Sandwich
smoked maple bacon, over easy egg, tangy avocado relish, sharp cheddar, pork spread, on a ACME challah bun. // $10.00

Far Far West Breakfast Sandwich
hickory smoked ham, over easy egg, roasted Far West Fungi mushrooms, Swiss cheese, aïoli, and pork spread, on a ACME challah bun. // $11.00

Prathertarian Breakfast Bowl
2  sunny side up eggs, Rancho Gordo pinquito beans, seasonal chopped greens, house Pico de Gallo // $9.00

Beef: Certified Humane, Certified Sustainable by the Food Alliance

Ham and Bacon: Non-GMO Verified

The FDA states that consuming undercooked meats, poultry or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.