American Eatery ★ Daytime Menu


Gluten Free Bun
Mariposa Gluten free Buns // $2.00

housemade mayo, housemade bbq sauce, pickled onion, wild arugula    

$1 each
fried egg, caramelized onion, jalepenos, roasted garlic & bacon aioli

$2 each
uncured maple bacon, sauteed Far West mushrooms, avocado, Mariposa gluten-free bun

make it a double


PRMC Dry-Aged Burger
Dry-aged Prather Ranch beef seasoned with kosher salt & black pepper housemade burger sauce, sharp cheddar, organic green leaf lettuce, shaved onion // $10.00

Fries & Sides

Old Fashioned Tallow Fries
hand-cut kennebec potatoes, Prather Ranch beef tallow.   // $2.00

Zesty Garlic Tallow Fries
Hand-cut kennebec potatoes, grana padano cheese, fresh garlic, house chimichurri // $8.50

Chuckwagon Chili Tallow Fries
hand-cut kennebec potatoes, beef & pork chuckwagon chili, sharp cheddar, sour cream, scallions // $8.00

Paleo Fare

Nutrient dense & all-natural

Lettuce Wraps
house braised PRMC beef or heritage pork, housemade pico de gallo, avocado, organic green leaf lettuce wraps. // $8.00

Prathertarian Paleo Bowl
braised Heritage pork or Prather Ranch beef, roasted cauliflower rice, braised greens, pickled red onion // $11.00

Bone Broth
Big Bluff  Organic chicken or Prather beef, organic herbs, spices, Maldon sea salt   // $5.00

Traditional Fare

Chuckwagon Chili Dog
PRMC dry-aged hot dog, PRMC chuckwagon chili, sharp cheddar, sour cream, green onion // $8.50

PRMC Dry-Aged Hot Dog
1/4 lb dry-aged all beef hot dog, ACME pan de mie toppings: house relish, organic ketchup, yellow mustard, sauerkraut, shaved red onion. // $6.50

Chuckwagon Chili
beef & pork chuckwagon chili, sharp cheddar, sour cream,  scallions // $7.00

Grilled Pork Loin Sandwich
roasted chili-marinated Berkshire pork loin, crispy onion rings, zesty slaw, and house aïoli // $11.00

Lamb Burger
housemade chimichurri, sharp cheddar, pickled onions, wild arugula // $12.50

Beef: Certified Humane, Certified Sustainable by the Food Alliance

Ham and Bacon: Non-GMO Verified

The FDA states that consuming undercooked meats, poultry or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.