What makes your meats and meat products different?

All the meat and meat products sold at PRMC come from independent ranchers and farmers that PRMC has built relationships with over the years. At PRMC we are dedicated to selling only products that pass our high standards regarding meat quality, product consistency, the humane treatment of livestock and sustainable environmental practices. All of our ranchers and farmer partners are Food Alliance and/or Certified Humane Raised and Handled to reinforce our commitment to only offer the highest quality, best raised meat and meat products available.

Where can I find your products?

In addition to our Ferry Building location, we attend farmers markets throughout the Bay Area. A full list of is located here.

Do you offer turkeys, ham and other seasonal items?

Absolutely! We offer heritage free-range turkeys at Thanksgiving , delicious hams made with our heritage pork, Prather Ranch nitrite-free corned beef, dry-aged prime rib and other types of seasonal offerings. At PRMC we take holiday meats seriously and work hard to bring you the very best for your seasonal celebration.

Where can I buy a cool Praise the Lard T-shirt?

Believe it or not, our famous original Praise the Lard t-shirts are finally available online. Visit the Mercantile to get yours. Also available in the San Francisco Ferry Building.

What is the “Meat Club” program?

The Prathertarian Meat Club offers folks in California the opportunity to subscribe online to have our delicious, sustainably raised meats shipped to them once a month. This program will allow memebers to add items from our online store to their box, such as our famous bacon, hot dogs, jerky or sausages. The Meat Club will give customers who can’t get PRMC product at our normal retail locations the opportunity to buy our products and to support independent, sustainably minded ranches and farms, while eating the best tasting meat and meat products available.

Do you ship your meats and meat products?

At this time, we can ship our beef jerky, t-shirts and aprons anywhere in the United States.