Prathertarian Spotlight

Rob Rosenblum is an adventurer and a philanthropist. By day, he works as a paralegal in California, a job he’s had for about eight years. His career has been put on pause several times to pursue his true passions: getting outside and helping people.

As a mountaineer, Rob has taken on some solid challenges like Mt. Shasta and Mt. Baker. He has also done quite a bit of trekking in Nepal. This country holds a special significance for him because of his interest in mindfulness and meditation. It’s a country he loves to explore because of its history and unique summits. He has been there four times.

In 2007, Nepal suffered a devastating earthquake. An area Rob cares a lot about, the Tsum Valley, a sacred Buddhist valley in the Gorkha region, didn’t open back up for tourism until 2008. Because this area is remote and the earthquake is no longer a front-page story, it has been slow to recover. Rob saw an opportunity to do something, so he started a fundraiser.

With the help of Sonam Lama, a native of Tsum and head guide of the Tsum Valley Homestay organization, he raised enough money to provide 100 inflatable lanterns and a complete solar array to a local nunnery. The entire area only has about four thousand inhabitants, so Rob’s efforts were felt deeply in the community.

Rob is living proof that everyone can make a difference. People like him inspire us to work harder every single day.

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