Meet the Farmer: Mark Keller

If you’ve been reading our newsletter for the past few months, you’ve seen the name Mark Keller. He’s the founder of Keller Crafted Meats and a big part of the history of Prather Ranch Meat Co. Mark worked with us for years and even sat in the CEO chair for a time.

Mark has had just about every job on a ranch you could imagine. As a student at Cal Poly, he became deeply interested in animal husbandry and helped his professors break down whole animals. The experience was deeply moving for him, and he embarked on a long journey to learn everything about raising animals and bringing them to market. This brought him to working at the Prather Ranch itself, where he quickly excelled at everything from fence fixing to sausage making.

Mark also has a strong background in Holistic Resource Management. He believes that through careful study, foresight and understanding, it is possible to enhance balance and symbiosis, using crop management and livestock to improve the health of the land and vice versa. His personal ethic is to follow responsible decision making, which may delay our own personal gratification.  It’s not just about the moment we now live in, it’s about creating a future that is as good or better than what we have now.

Though he might modestly deflect this praise, Mark is a deeply philosophical man. His mission is to explore what it means to “eat with understanding.” His working life has given him hands on experience that most people will simply never have, but he believes that everyone can understand more about where their food comes from by choosing their ingredients with purpose and meeting the people who grow this good food.