Ingredients for a Better Future

Prather Ranch Meat Co. is in a unique position. We have a close relationship with our ranchers and our customers. In fact, we think of everyone as part of the same extended tribe. From an anthropological perspective, one of the definitions of a tribe is the communal use of shared resources.

In modern times, the most frequently shared resource is actually money. While a few of us grow food and barter with each other, most people earn a paycheck and trade cash for the calories needed to keep on keeping on. While money is certainly more convenient than figuring out how much an hour’s labor for your plumber is in kale, there is something lost in conducting transactions with an ATM card.

One of the reasons we are so keen on transparency and telling you our ranchers’ stories is so you can see where your money is headed and what it’ll do when it gets there. When you support our farmers and ranchers, you are helping to restore land, provide good wages, build rural infrastructure, and improve animal welfare. Your hard earned money continues to work hard. For that we thank you.

Prather Ranch Meat Co. is dedicated to getting as much money as closely to the land that needs it as possible. Every efficiency we can develop and every ranch we can help grow strengthens the important networks that exist between the agrarian and the cosmopolitan. The ranchers are a large focus of ours, but you, the consumer, are actually the most important piece of this system. By supporting businesses that share your values and seek to improve the environment as well as create rural jobs, you are building the new food system we all need.

We will improve the industry by buying whole animals and developing new, tasty products with our partners like Keller Crafted Meats. Our part in all this is to let the ranchers focus more on ranching and let you focus more on eating. We’ll worry about the refrigeration and shipping!