Don’t Forget Father’s Day

June 19th will be here before you know it. Dads are notoriously hard to shop for, but you can never go wrong with a gorgeous dry-aged steak. The most popular choices for this paternal holiday are ribeyes and New York strips.

Ribeyes are highly marbled with a nice deposit of fat between the Longissimus and Spinalis muscles. Due to all this tasty fat, you need to watch out for flare-ups on the grill. They have the beefiest flavor of all the steaks and cook fast. If your dad is an action-oriented type, this is what he’ll want.

New York strips come from the Longissimus Dorsi muscle, toward the rear-end of the steer in the short loin primal. They also have excellent marbling, but are a little leaner and easier to trim than ribeyes. This is the choice for dads who know how to enjoy the finer things in life.

If your old man is a true meat fan, he will love a membership to our Meat Club. Each month he’ll receive the finest sustainable meats. This includes a variety of our legendary Prather Ranch dry aged beef and our top-shelf Non-GMO Project Verified heritage pork. It’s all raised and prepared by the most innovative and sustainable ranchers and butchers in the country. You can place a hold or cancel your order at anytime.